I'm back!

Sometimes life happens ... and all your best laid plans just don't stay afloat. The Emu Lady blog was a joyful part of my life a few years ago. I loved sharing information about emus, emu farming and most especially the great benefits of emu oil for natural health care. Over the last 20 years of emu farming and selling emu oil based products, I've had the opportunity to speak with many people who were searching for alternatives to mainstream health care and dietary guidelines. Through them I was exposed to issues like BPA's, food intolerance's, gut yeast and parasites,pharmaceutical shortcomings, environmental irritants and chemical additives in our foods and cosmetics before much of it came to be accepted. I was also directed in different directions for solutions and became aware of an entirely different way to look at the integration of factors - diet, exercise, stress, environment and inner happiness to health. The process of blogging allows a person to focus their thoughts through research and verification of facts and opinions in order to boil it all down to a concise view of the subject and I loved it. However, real life stepped it, the family emu farm demanded more and more attention and when combined with the operations of the online side of our business at AllAboutEmu.com I just didn't get the time to blog. Well, times do change. My partners in emu farming looked to retire and so we closed down Songline Emu Farm and I've spent the last year focusing on repositioning our company Songline Enterprises LLC to focus on selling emu oil grown from other small, family held farms in New England, many of which we helped get started. I am now finding that the possibility of resuming blogging is back. So look for future communications from me and I look forward to your comments and input.